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Sen. Claire McCaskill Ditches Game of Thrones After Sansa Scene

Possible Spoiler Alert: Last night May 24, 2015 was the most recent episode of Game of Thrones. But the Sunday prior was an episode that shook GOT audiences everywhere. To put it concisely, Sansa Stark, a series original character was brutally raped.

Relative to TV at large, the scene itself wasn’t that graphic compared to other movies/series I’ve seen. The rape was entirely off camera. I think Sons of Anarchy had a much more explicit rape scene in Season 2 Episode 1 when Gemma Teller was raped by a white supremacist gang.

Either way, the point is that it was a scene that left a horrible feeling in your stomach, especially watching it happen to such an innocent, young character like Sansa Stark.

Some fans of the show were apparently really upset, and one such fan, a senator who admittedly I never heard of before has stopped watching because of the scene. See her recent tweet.

I’m not saying the scene wasn’t horrible, but I am a little surprised that this was the “last straw” that ended her viewership in light of everything else that has happened. I mean, we’ve seen people murdered, skinned alive, burned alive, eaten alive, castrated, tortured (A LOT), had their hands cut off, beheaded, and thrown off cliffs. We’ve seen animal cruelty. We’ve seen women get their throats sliced open and children being murdered and hung in town squares. We’ve seen heads on spikes. Men crush each others skulls in with their bare hands (long live Prince Oberyn!) We’ve seen pregnant women get stabbed dozens of times in the belly. We’ve seen incest, and cruelty. Heck, this wasn’t even the first (or second) time we’ve seen rape in the series.

I guess I’m just a little confused as to why of allllllll the horrible things that have happened on and off camera, this scene was the Richter 8.0 event for some viewers, and sent some away from the series entirely.