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Childhood Animal Drawings and Sketches

I used to draw A LOT when I was younger. Rough sketches, finished drawings, pastels, chalk, charcoal, paint. I just loved it. I was digging through some old notepads that were buried in my garage and found some old art work from circa 1998-1999. Several of these are of pets I had as a kid, including Hazey, Getty (the German Shepherd I had years before Major), Kody, Pearl, and Lilly. Thanks for viewing!


Logo Drafts Circa 2014

Towards the end of 2014 a good friend of mine and I started to brew small batches of beer. Some were good, some were meh, some were actually pretty legit.

Again, as is always the case, what’s a good hobby without a good logo?!

We tossed around a couple ideas, and I sketched up the one below. Being that we’re from San Diego, California, I liked the idea of “Anchor West Brewing Company” but apparently there’s already an “Anchor Steam” Brewing Company. Whoda thunk. Nonetheless, I actually really liked this rough sketch, and the fusion of the anchor, compass, and sun with the word “West”, especially since it was my first draft.

Brewing Logo Draft

Logo Drafts Circa 2009

Many moons ago in our early twenties a friend and I sought out to start a web design firm. We had worked loosely together a couple projects and decided to ‘go official’. As is always the case when you are a 20 year old who thinks he’ll take over the world by storm, the most important step in any business is….. coming up with a cool logo. Naturally. I was digging through some old files doing some spring cleaning. I chuckled. And before tossing them into the recycle bin, I figured I would memorialize them forever on my blog.

Long live Fly Light Web Design!