Can you f*#&ing believe that guy?

The name says it all, but before I launch into some diatribe, what’s the deal?

I’ve wanted to start a website or a blog or something to vent for years and just never really got around to it. Every once in a while I’ll be perusing some web article or shared post on facebook and want to lash out at the screen. If I had purchased the warranty that the Geek Squad guy recommended, I might have thrown my computer out a window by now. But cooler heads prevailed.

I caught myself getting into arguments with friends on facebook, or better yet, strangers on news websites. What a waste of time, right?

We’ll the kicker I suppose is that some people think I’m an asshole for having the audacity to speak my mind. Apparently, I’m offensive. Newsflash to me. Not really.

But not offensive like “Your mother’s a whore” offensive. I don’t say stuff like that. More like “I have an idea that you disagree with, therefore you think I’m an asshole.” That kind of an asshole. So I mean, I’m not really an asshole in the traditional sense of the word, and definitely not in the literal sense, but more in the contemporary, people-need-to-stop-getting-so-uppity sense.

That’s where the name comes from. I feel like I have some good ideas, but I’m not always so politically correct about how I express or share them. I also cuss like a sailor and am not overly concerned about people being upset by my comments or sense of humor. These days, I almost feel compelled to use people’s reaction to my ideas as a measuring stick of their validity.

If after reading my blogs, people are saying “Can you fucking believe that guy?”, I’d consider that a win.

So don’t be dismayed or discouraged from reading my other blog posts. I’m actually a really nice guy, and I’ll be the first to line up if you ever need help moving.

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