Reloaded Rounds

Discount Gun Mart – Santee, CA

San Diego shooters may know that DGM is a chain. From what I gather from other shooters and friends, the location in Mission Bay/Bay Ho is notorious for horrible customer service. In the dozen times I’ve been there, I never once found a polite employee.

BUT, the Santee location is excellent. I have been to this location about 5-6 times now, including a recent firearms purchase, and every time the staff was spot on.

Here are some highlights:

  • They almost always answer the phone during operating hours.
  • And when they can’t answer, they actually check their messages and call you back, or at least they did with me.
  • They greet customers when they walk in the door, and if they are busy helping someone, they still acknowledge you.
  • They are quick, and respect your time.
  • They are very polite.
  • They are not condescending when asking about a firearm you are unfamiliar with, which for most gun ranges can be their customer service Achilles heel.
  • Usually a short line for the range, from my experience.
Indoor Shooting Range Targets
Indoor Shooting Range Targets, not from Discount Gun Mart

Nothing bad to say about this location at all. Heck, it’s even directly off the freeway exit, making it easy to get to.

Their range prices are great. Much better than P2K.
Their ammo and firearm prices are market competitive. YES, you can purchase a super expensive $2,200 Sig .308, or a $1,200 Leopold scope, but these are the prices you would pay anywhere, so that does NOT earn it a $$$$ establishment, in my opinion.

Star Rating: 5/5

Cost Rating: $$

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